Cultivating better futures

‘The best of what we are lies in what we hope to be.’
A.C. Grayling

Crazy media makes for a confusing world. It must be hard for the youngsters of today. Social media. Donald Trump. Brexit. Global environmental catastrophe. The perils of gluten. Who should we believe?

Luckily, the kids at Allanson Street Primary School in St Helens are setting off under a mission statement of ‘Success Built on Care’. Leading corporations take note. There’s a new breed coming with refreshing modi operandi.

On behalf of Cultivate Creative, we’ve had the express pleasure of seeing first-hand the youthful magic that’s unfolding in St Helens’ suburbia. Led by Headteacher, Mrs Farnell, the kids of Allanson Street are taught within a wonderful Code of Conduct:

Look after ourselves and others

Stay safe

Treat everyone and everything with respect

We all matter

Share, include and listen

We all have a voice

Work hard and feel proud

We are the best we can be

Doesn’t it bring a little tear to your eye? It’s not hard, do the right things and it will all be ok. Where do us so-called ‘grown-ups’ get it all so twisted?

Our shoot for Mrs Farnell and for Cultivate, was to capture the wonder of the school’s best bits. The nursery class. Outside play. The library. Music. Sports. Uniforms. The great teachers interacting happily with the children in the classroom. If we’re to believe our fear-mongering press, we live in a broken Britain. However, it’s clear from our heart-warming visit that the future is very bright indeed.

It’s not our first job for Cultivate, and we sure hope it’s not the last. Cultivate have attracted a trail of inspiring projects over the years and we’re proud to be part of a good thing. From celebrating twin-towns, to advertising sport’s greatest rivalries. From tailoring e-commerce, to strengthening manufacturers and even rolling out milestones for the town of St Helens itself. Cultivate do great work in branding, design and development for clients like Sefton Council, Vinci Construction and this time, Allanson Street Primary School.

Thank for the opportunity guys. Hopefully you love the photos as much as we loved our inspiring trip to see everyone down at Allanson Street. If we hope for one thing, we hope to have more uplifting projects like this.

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